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Nation of Believers Band Glorifying God in the Crossroads

There is a new band in the Crossroads; not a country band not a rock band.  This band is on a mission; a mission to see lives changed and the love of Jesus shared in the Crossroads.

 For about nine years, Clay Crockett and the Shotgun Riders played the Crossroads area as one of the most popular bands around but a couple of years ago Crockett felt that the Lord had other plans for him. He finished up the scheduled events for 2015 that were on the books. At the end of 2015 the band did an event in Inez called “Last Call” and it actually ended up being a fundraiser for the new worship band ministry and in January of  2016 Crockett left the Shotgun Riders to start a ministry using music as the tool to reach others for Jesus.  The result was Nation of Believers Band.


Nation of Believers Band began its ministry in 2016 and according to their mission statement their mission is “to serve, strengthen, engage, encourage and connect our community to God through music”.  The band is out to serve churches in the area by helping with praise and worship as well as relieve church worship teams and giving them a break from time to time. The group is outside the church and not affiliated with any denomination or church.  “We try to offer worship music where they might not be able to have a band.” states Crockett.  “A full scale worship experience with a full band…we go in and help out churches and youth events and other festivals with worship music…It’s really kind of caught on pretty quick in the area.”  The band has had the opportunity to minister in a couple of dozen churches in the area this past year. “We worship with them and get to know their congregation.” states Crockett. “And at the same time, give their team a chance for a break.”  For two Sundays a month, the band helps out in their home churches and the other two Sundays they are helping out other churches.


Nation of Believers can be found scheduling events with churches such as fifth Sunday singings and revivals.  Not only is the band ministering in the greater Victoria area but they are beginning to branch out to other churches of various denominations in the Crossroads.  “Our faiths are more alike than they are different.” states Crockett. “And we’re all baptized into one Spirit, the body of Christ.  I am really trying to connect the churches in Victoria with each other because there is so much junk going on in America I feel like we’re more alike.”


the band plays mostly contemporary Christian worship music but sometimes the churches they visit appreciate the older gospel hymns and the band appeals to the style of worship music for each individual church and group.  The band does not charge for what they do. They typically accept love offerings and they do have a merchandise table with t-shirts and other products to help with travel expense, etc.  Donations to this ministry are non-profit and tax deductible.  Several years ago Crockett and his wife started a ministry called 204 Ministries and this ministry is the parent ministry for the band.


just recently Nation of Believers were in partnership with Chick-Fil-A to bring Winter Worship in downtown Victoria.  It was a winter worship non-denominational celebration and although the weather was brutal it did not deter crowds from attending. Pastors, priests and worship leaders from the area attended the event.  Crowds enjoyed worship music and prayer volunteers were available for anyone wanting or needing prayer. “It impacted everyone there. We walked away from there feeling like there is a lot of hope for our community and that’s really what the night was about.”



Nation of Believers Band is available to minister to churches and groups in the Crossroads. “The neat thing about the band,” states Crockett, “is that we all have servants hearts and we all want to be here.  We’re all in.  We are going to take this as far as the good Lord will lead it.”  For more information on events or scheduling check out their Facebook page @NOBWorshipBand or email them at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..