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If you happen to drive by the YMCA of the Golden Crescent or if you frequent the facility to workout, you have probably noticed the construction happening in the area.  Over the past year, the YMCA has been undergoing some construction and getting a face-lift in order to provide better services for the Crossroads area.

A recent phone conversation with Chris Seilkop, CEO of the YMCA of the Golden Crescent, has explained the construction process and has given us some insight as to what the new features will offer the community. “There are two phases,” states Seilkop. “The first phase is the expansion construction of the new part of the building which would be the new lobby, new locker rooms for the outdoor pool and the new outdoor pool.  The indoor pool as part of phase two which is the interior renovation has been filled in and the indoor pool area will be the new wellness center…there is also a lot of new parking.  We have increased over 120 parking spaces.”  The building process for the parking and the site work began in December of 2015.  The new square footage of the YMCA will be 57 thousand square feet.  Some of the advantages will be the use of a second volleyball and basketball court accommodating the tremendous increase in youth sports at the “Y”.  The schedule for some of the completion is to have the new pool, lobby and wellness center open by April 1. The details involved in building a facility of this magnitude are tremendous. “We have a lot of moving parts.” States Seilkop.  “We hope to have the entire project, phase two, completed by the end of summer…the “Y” will be better equipped to meet the community needs after the renovation is completed”.


Five point two million dollars were raised to accomplish this renovation.  Of that, 1.5 million was in agreement with the city of Victoria who closed the city pool and the new pool at the “Y” will be the new city pool on the YMCA property.  There will be no membership required to use the pool.  The pool is a recreational type “zero entry” pool which means a beach type entry.  There will also be lap lanes for those wanting to swim laps but basically it is built more for family recreation than competition.  In addition to the renovation, the YMCA has converted some previously unused lots to soccer fields to accommodate the demand on this sport.  Starting in the spring season will be the first season on the new soccer fields.  Just to explain the demand, this past season there were over 250 kids in the soccer program and this current basketball season there are over 500 kids in the program!  “Our programs are growing and we need to have these facilities and the space to be able to handle that type of usage…We are hoping that what we are doing here we’re somewhat getting ahead of the curve.”


The YMCA of the Golden Crescent is located at 1806 N. Nimitz St. in Victoria. For more information on the YMCA of the Golden Crescent call (361) 575-0511 or check out their website at or by calling the box office at (361) 570-8587.

Story by Carolyn Mann Morehead