Each day that we wake up is an opportunity for a new adventure with its own challenges and experiences.  Most days we know pretty much how our day will turn out.  We wake up, have coffee, get kids off to school or get ready for work.  But every once in a while something happens that was the farthest thing from our minds that morning. 

For Jane Celaya her morning started out pretty much like normal.  As she prepared for her job as a Certified Pharmacy Technician at Roger’s Pharmacy in Victoria, Jane would be the first to tell you that this day would be different from any other.  In fact, this day would go down in the family history book to be told for many years to come.

Jane has two grown daughters, Jessica and Jill.  Jill is getting married in May and Jessica is married with children.  For the most part, life is pretty normal.  Jane’s husband Nick had just left on Friday morning March 3rd to go to his job in Midland for the next twenty-one days.  On the rainy morning of March 4th, Jane headed to work at Roger’s Pharmacy and worked that day from 9am to 1 pm.  That Saturday evening between 5:45 and 6 pm, Jane and her daughter Jessica and Jessica’s two young daughters were at the house when suddenly Jane heard her daughter Jessica screaming in pain from the bath room.  A few weeks before, Jessica had told her mom that she was pregnant, but had not gone to the doctor yet thinking she was not that far along.  Much to their surprise however, Jessica was much farther along than they thought.  In fact Jessica was only six weeks away from delivering her third child! “I don’t know how, but by the grace of God, she was in labor and I was so afraid that it would be stillborn.” Recalls Jane. By the time that Jane reached her daughter, the baby was well on her way.  Jane was terrified but the baby was coming so fast that there was no time to call 911.  Jane, a mother of two and a grandmother of two was about to deliver her third grandchild.  In just moments little Rayni J was born crying and breathing on her own and weighing a mere 4 pounds 4 ounces.  Quickly calling 911 after the delivery, Jane was directed by the paramedics on the phone to cut the umbilical cord but she could not bring herself to do it.  The paramedics quickly arrived and cut the cord and loaded mom and baby into the ambulance.  Little Rayni J or Peanut as she was nicknamed by the hospital staff was one of three preemies at DeTar North, but she was bigger than the rest and did not need the incubator.  Within the next week, mom and baby were released to go home.  Jane’s other daughter, Jill said that little Rayni J had it made.  None of them would ever be able to top that story.  When Grandpa Nick came home a few weeks later, he hesitated to hold her because she was so little and changed her nickname from Peanut to Tiny. “She ended up being a beautiful little baby girl.” States Jane. “Everything just worked out wonderful.  I was scared to death the whole time.”  At the time of this writing, Rayni J weighs over five pounds and continues to grow rapidly. “She’s been a really, really good baby.”

It is safe to say that Jane has never done anything like this before and she and Rayni J will have a very special bond and a very special story to tell as the years go by.  Jane’s mom is a nurse, one sister is a nurse and another sister is a caretaker and although Jane has medical people in her family, nothing really prepared her for this. “This was totally beyond my realm of expertise.” Chuckles Jane. “This is above my pay grade. I was just thankful that everybody was OK…I just thank God for every minute of it;  every minute of Rayni J’s life.  I just know that she was a gift and that’s how we take her, as a gift.” When the need arose, Jane jumped in there and did what she had to do.  Back to work the following week she had a story to tell her co-workers about her weekend. “Guess what I did this weekend.  I delivered a baby! I’ve had a very exciting weekend!” Jane is now the grandmother to three beautiful granddaughters ages 7, 5 and newborn Rayni J.


Story by: Carolyn Mann Morehead