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Once upon a time, on a clear summer night, Cooper and Rosie watched the stars shine bright.

“This is amazing.” Rosie said with a smile. “Is that star getting closer?” Cooper thought for a while.

“It’s not getting closer, it’s just super bright. Wait a minute. Oh no, I think you’re probably right!”

“It’s headed straight for us!” Cooper started to yell. “Oh no!” Cried Rosie. “I think we should bail!”

Cooper grabbed Rosie’s hand and they started to flee, they saw Wayne and Phil climbing up on a tree. “What’s all the commotion?” Wayne and Phil asked. “Come down from that tree. Come down from there fast. We need to take cover, quick gather around, we need to take cover before that star hits the ground!”


The kids huddled together and closed their eyes tight as the star hit the ground and lost all of its light. “Should we go take a look?” Phil asked everyone. “It’s not that far, I think we could run.” They listened to Phil and ran to help out. They made it there quick to see the star as he pout.


“Are you okay?! We saw you fall!”


“He’s not okay Cooper. His head hit that wall.”


“My parents are going to be very upset,” the Falling Star said. As he rubbed out the bump that he got on his head. “This land is forbidden. No Star should come near it. We can shine from above but we can never come visit.”


“Allow us to help,” Cooper said. “We’ll help you get back.”


“Wait a minute Cooper, how do you suppose we do that?”


“What if we use my kite?” Suggest Wayne. “It flies pretty high, I bet with enough string we could reach the sky.” 


As silly as this sounds, the kids used Wayne’s kite. “It’s okay little buddy just hang on tight!” The star held on as the kite flew around but one gush of wind and he was back on the ground.


“Wayne what have you done?!” Rosie cried. “You made him bump his head on the other side!”

The falling star rubbed his head once again. “I don’t suppose you guys might have one more plan?”

Phil raised his hand then shared his thought. He told his friends they must go to the balloon shop.


“We need three hundred balloons all colored red.”


“My gosh that’s a lot of balloons!” Misses Needle Myer said.


“We need to get our friend home before dinner and Phil has an idea we think is a winner.”


“Make it four hundred in case some of them pop.


We need to make sure this time he don’t drop.”

The kids carried balloons, one hundred each. They took a short cut that went straight through the beach. They tied the balloons to the falling stars arms. “This plans going to work , it won’t do you no harm.” “Hold on.” Rosie said. “Something is wrong. Wayne why are some of your red balloons gone?”


“I gave them to the turtle who offered to help me.”


“Well where is he at? We’re missing like twenty.”


“It’s okay.” Phil said. “Everyone let go.” And slowly the falling star started to float. “Goodbye everyone!” The falling star yelled. “Thank you so much for all of your help!” He made it home safe but he wasn’t alone. The turtle had floated a long way from his home. “My parents are going to be very upset.” the little turtle said. “If I don’t make it back to earth before bed.”


The End.