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The coastal waters of Port O’Connor, Texas are a jewel of our great state. And the fish are aplenty! Trout, redfish, flounder… these are the most common fish that anglers catch and stock their freezers for that next fish fry or cookout. Throughout the generations, families and friends have made Port O’Connor their home, or even their home away from home, because of the quaint, quiet community and fishing accessibility.

Weslene and Ted Gaetjen of Hallettsville are part-time locals to the Port O’Connor. And this summer Weslene caught many triple tail dubbing her the Triple Tail Queen! Triple tail are found off shore but West Matagorda is known world wide as a haven for large triple tail. People come here from all over the states to catch the elusive tail. Many people target them and have fished for months and even years before they ever catch one. Biologists are not even sure when or where they mate or raise up. It has been determined that they learned to mimic floating debris and lay on their side near a piling or buoy awaiting an easy meal of smaller fisher trying to hide. To catch one requires absolute coordination between the captain and the fisher person. And Ted is the perfect boat captain for the job! Almost ballet-like reactions when one is hooked and maneuvered out and away from the structure are needed to boat the fish. Weslene has become very adept at doing this and would rather target triple tail than any other fish. They show up in West Matagorda about mid May and leave by mid October.


Mark Robinson of Victoria is a seasoned fisherman who also offers his talent as a fishing guide for the area. In 2014 Mark and a group of friends organized the POC Shark Hunters Sharp Tooth Shootout and the popularity of this tournament has significantly grown in its short lifetime. Up to 75 teams have entered to win the prize monies offered for the biggest shark, stingray, and jackfish. The annual event holds a captains meeting and dinner, including a raffle. The anglers fish at dark, leaving the docks at midnight since sharks feed avidly from dusk till dawn. They weigh in their various species at Froggie’s Bait Dock in the afternoon and invite spectators to view the winning fish. Mark and his committee then work with the Fisherman’s Chapel to make sure the meat from the sharks caught go to the community’s families in need. In 2016 about 8000 plates were served to the needy. This tournament also enables Texas biologists do research on the sharks on our coast. Be sure to visit Port O’Connor Shark Hunters Facebook page to see all the great catches throughout the yearly event.


If you are interested in fishing or hitting the beach, Port O’Connor is the best our Texas coast can offer. It is within easy travel distance from major cities which is another advantage. Word of the great fishing is no secret and Port O’Connor has had many celebrity visitors as well. Most weekends during the summer months host a multitude of fishing tournaments, if you are looking for some competition! Families who have frequented POC and raise their children near the water have great memories and continue on the traditions of enjoying the salty air and peacefulness of the bay. It is truly heaven on earth.

Video 9 - Fishing in Port O'Connor part 2 by Robin Janecka