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Bec's Anti-Bullying Mission
Take A Stand Against Bullying



Bullying has been around a long time, but in recent years with the introduction of social medias bullying has taken on a whole new level.  Across the nation, tragic stories of abuse physically, emotionally, and socially have made front page news even in our own Crossroads area.  In recent months a group of concerned citizens have organized to help educate the community, students and parents on this horrendous epidemic in our society and find a solution.  Bec’s Anti-Bullying Mission (B.A.M.) is in the process of working with the Victoria Independent School District and hopefully other area school districts and businesses to bring in help to the Crossroads.


Bec’s Anti-Bullying Mission was organized to give parents and students the opportunity to step up and voice their concerns in an organized fashion.  This organization with the help of the community allows the opportunity for parents, students and school officials to be a productive part of the solution to this ever increasing problem. Leah Hernandez, a family friend of a recent bullying victim has partnered with All Things Crossroads Magazine and other concerned citizens to bring awareness to this issue. B.A.M. is currently making arrangements to get speakers into the school districts to speak to students and faculty.  On November 9-10, B.A.M. has scheduled Eric Martinez to speak in a closed meeting.  Eric Martinez will be remembered by his acting appearances in numerous film, television and commercial roles.  Martinez has an anti-bullying campaign and speaks across the nation to communities concerning this issue.  The topic of bullying is a very sensitive issue and raises many concerns about the welfare of the children in the school systems.  It is understandable that emotions can run very high but the hope of this organization is not only to get awareness to the community, but also to give concerned citizens a stable platform on which to voice their concerns.  Many parents express the helpless feeling of nothing being done to protect their children and often times accusing fingers are pointed toward the school systems.  “That’s one of the reasons we started this organization,” states Vickie Romero, All Things Crossroads Publisher, “to partner up with VISD and let them know we want to do this together as a team.  We don’t want to be against VISD. We are for the teachers.  We are for the principles…we want everyone on this board to pull together.”  For many, including the staff at All Things Crossroads Magazine, bullying as affected family members, children and grandchildren.  This is not just a blanket campaign but has become very personal. Parents and grandparents are looking for answers.  B.A.M. wants the victims of bullying to know that they are there for them and that they do not have to be afraid to approach parents, counselors or principles when they need help.  Also the organization wants to help those who are doing the bullying.  Bullying can have far reaching affects on other family members and students and left unaddressed will affect individuals for life. Jesse Beck has been involved in the coaching of CYFL football teams and deals with players who have been affected by bullying. “I like the fact that somebody is recognizing and realizing that parents and teachers aren’t the only ones that can do this.” states Beck. “There aren’t enough teachers to police this with twenty something kids in a class.  It’s hard so the community has to help with that as well…you see the effect that it [bullying] has on them [the victims] and the love for life that it takes out of them.”  Kim Motley, VISD Counseling Coordinator, says of the organization, “They are here to support us and help bring awareness to the students and the staff about the effects of bullying and with that we can in turn identify bullying and handle the situations and respond more quickly…Anything that we can do to get community involvement is going to help our students.” Tammy Nobles, Director in the Office of Student Services at VISD adds, “As a school district, we are extremely excited to have the continued support of our community with addressing the issue of bullying. Talking about bullying directly is an important step in understanding how the issue might be affecting our kids. Plus, we want to reassure kids that they are not alone in addressing any problems that arise.  VISD does not tolerate bullying and when a student experiences or witnesses bullying behavior, he/she needs to report it because we want to be able to address the matter.”  Leah Hernandez, B.A.M. board member states, “This is long overdue in our community.  With this mission, a team of concerned parents have gotten together to try to do something to make a difference in all aspects as far as students, teachers, staff members and parents because something does have to be done to make a change…we want something positive…We want the children who are being bullied to know they have another outlet…we have to start somewhere.”


Currently, B.A.M. is seeking donations to not only get Eric Martinez to speak in November to VISD students, but to have speakers continually come to the districts to speak throughout each year.  “We are starting something. We’re taking a stand.” states Vickie Romero.  “It’s not going to be solved in one visit. This is something we are going to work towards.” Since the upcoming assembly is closed to the public, students will be notified as to the time of the meeting.  Currently, B.A.M. is working with VISD to get as many schools and age groups involved as possible.  The hope of the organization would be to see other districts in the Crossroads get involved as well.


The issue of bullying is very large and wide-spread but for the Crossroads area Bec’s Anti-Bullying Mission is a start in bringing awareness but they need the help of the community.  Donations are needed for this worthy cause.  For business and community leaders, sponsorship packages are available. Some of the first business sponsors to step up to the plate include Roland Rodriguez of RCR Homes LLC, Jesse Beck, Managing Partner at Victory Buick GMC and O-FISH-all Business of Victoria.  In addition, B.A.M. t-shirts and yard signs designed by All Things Crossroads Creative Director Ray Bluntzer are available for purchase at Rapid Printing located at 1708 N. Navarro #300 in Victoria. Also a “meet and greet” with Eric Martinez is scheduled for Nov.8 at the Hilton Garden Inn in Victoria and will be open to the general public. The time for this meeting will be announced on Facebook at a later date. For more information call (361) 935-8366 or (361) 894-3475.  More information can also be found on the organization’s Facebook page at “Bec’s Anti-Bullying Mission”.


Story by Carolyn Mann Morehead

For more information about Bullying call Vickie Romero at 361-935-2045